tawâw! next sale: May 10th @ 7pm MDT
tawâw! next sale: May 10th @ 7pm MDT
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My name is Hailey Urilyon, I am a mixed Cree artist currently living in the Northwest-Territories. I am a member of Norway House Cree Nation through my mom's side and my dad is from the US.

My mom taught me how to bead (thanks mom!) and since then I've truly enjoyed bringing designs from nature, fandom and everything in between to life. 

Shiny Raven Club was born in February 2021. I wanted to choose a name that meant something to me, but didn't limit me to one form of artwhich is why I chose club!

Where does the name Shiny Raven Club come from? As a Northerner, we are obliged to love ravens. I love their little puffed up roundness in the winter, their beautiful feathers and admire their cleverness so much. (But while we all love ravens collectively up north, you really need to secure your garbage cans!)

I appreciate the support I have received as Shiny Raven Club has grown, and seeing my beadwork off to their new homes brings me so much joy.